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Fable and Stories from Tanzania

Fable and Stories from Tanzania

Microfinancing as a development aid


Please be aware of the fact that you are travelling to Africa and that the electricity for Zanzibar is provided by the mainland through an underwater cable. Again and again it can happen that the electric current turns out. For this reason you will find candles and a gas cooker in the house and a generator which will outfit you with electricity in the case of an emergency.

Please understand that I can not guarantee that you will always have electric current, but according to my experience blackouts happen rarely.



To get more information about the weather, contact the link East Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar. At the east coast the weather is much drier than on the west coast, i.e. when it is raining in Zanzibar city, the sun is still shining at the east coast.



High and low tide are changing in a 6 hours rhythm, with high tide the Indian Ocean is reaching up to the property.

Times of day

Zanzibar is situated 6 degrees south the Equator, therefore day and night times are about 12 hours, sunrise at about 6 am, sunset at about 6 pm.

Body painting and soft massages

Safia is offering in the house or at the pavillon a soft body massage for 10.000 TSH. She is also a master of body painting and hair braiding. The house personnel is notifying Safia.
Lying in the shadow at the pavillon with a warm breeze surrounding you and getting a soft body massage is a real pleasure.
A Henna Tatoo can also be a nice, but short souvenir from Zanzibar.



The ocean climate keeps the skin very smooth and satiny so that there is no need for any body lotion. A simple face cream is mostly sufficient.
However, for the hair a hair conditioner for salty water is very adviseable.
A sun body lotion is very recommended, as the sun at the Equator is very strong.

Insect Protection

In the evening is a Insect Protection useful like Zedan

Waste disposal
As there is no waste disposal in Zanzibar, I kindly request all my guests to take back their used batteries, empty shampoo bottles, razor blades as well as thicker plastic bags to their own country.


Number padlock

With a numeric padlock brought along it is possible to lock the bedroom 
separately while doing trips.
If you lock the front door at night from the inside, a padlock should be put into the
round brass eyelet and should be locked so that it is not possible to lock the door from outside.

However, you should not let money lie around.



Das mieten eines Pkw kostet ca. 60 Euro am Tag und ist nicht unbedingt vonnöten, da jederzeit ein Fahrzeug mit Fahrer für ca. 35 Euro/Tag gemietet werden kann. Mr. Haji Miraji fragen.


Fans of snorkeling should bring their own snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and flippers) to Zanzibar. There is the possibility of surf and kaiten during hightide.
Diving Basis is in 15 Minutes distance.


Sun protection

The sun rays at the Equator are very strong, there it is recommended to use a strong sun protection lotion.
The first days you should enjoy the sun for only a short time.



A flashlight is important, due to missing street lights it can help find the way in the night. The moon is shining very bright only on full moon, thus the beach and the ways are naturally illuminated after 7 pm.



With the country code +49... you can phone to Germany. To call to a country in Europe, you also have to dial 000...
Who wants to be reached at a low cost at Zanzibar, should take your 2 years old handy and buy a Zantel telephone card (2.000 TSH) und load it.
From Germany you can use the special discount number (see the link) and then +255 for Zanzibar and the phone no. about 9 cent/min. to Zanzibar.

Drinking water

In the house there is a British Berkefeld Ceramic drinking water filter. It filters out bacteria like the Bilhariziose Thyphus, Cholera, Dysentery, etc. and can be used for the making of drinking water.

Visa and airport tax

Updated Nov.2018
An entry visa can be purchased directly at Zanzibar airport for 50 US dollars and can only be paid by credit card. The passport must be valid for at least half a year.
On departure, an airport fee of 48 US dollars per person (in dollars, please) may be payable, depending on the airline ticket.