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Food and other needs can be bought in small and simple African shops, about 5 minutes walking distance. Supermarkets exist only in Zanzibar city.
If you don't find something, it can be ordered in the post office (Musa Store) and will be delivered the next day.

Großes Bild im neuen Fenster
Post Office Musa Store

Money and currency
The national currency are the Tanzanian Shilling (THS). 1 Euro equals about 1900 THS (Update 1/2011)
The Euro is a good currency to be changed and you get most much better exchange rate than with Dollars.
Dollars are necessary to pay the visa (50 Dollars per person) and the airport tax (30 Dollars per person) (Update 1/2011)
The import and export of Tanzanian Shilling is not allowed.


To get more information about the weather, contact the link East Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar. At the east coast the weather is much drier than on the west coast, i.e. when it is raining in Zanzibar city, the sun is still shining at the east coast.

Times of day

Zanzibar is situated 6 degrees south the Equator, therefore day and night times are about 12 hours, sunrise at about 6 am, sunset at about 6 pm.

time shift

Time shift Zanzibar
at German winter time +2 hours
at German summer time +1 hour

Insect Protection

In the evening is a Insect Protection useful like Zedan

Waste disposal
As there is no waste disposal in Zanzibar, I kindly request all my guests to take back their used batteries, empty shampoo bottles, razor blades as well as thicker plastic bags to their own country.



A flashlight is important, due to missing street lights it can help find the way in the night. The moon is shining very bright only on full moon, thus the beach and the ways are naturally illuminated after 7 pm.


Drinking water

In the house there is a British Berkefeld Ceramic drinking water filter. It filters out bacteria like the Bilhariziose Thyphus, Cholera, Dysentery, etc. and can be used for the making of drinking water.