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Zanzibar (Suaheli: Ungudscha), largest coral island of East Africa (more than 1650 sqkm), about 50 km distance from Dar es Salaam, since 1964 unified with Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika), as well as Pemba.

Position and dimension

Zanzibar, the spice island, lies 6 degrees south of the equator, off the coast of Tanzania and its total area is 1684 sqkm.


The population (almost 1 million inhabitants) is composed of Africans above all (Bantu) and of Arabs, Indians and Persians.
The tropical humid and hot climate facilitate the cultivation at plantations of cloves, coconut trees. Furthermore are cultivated: pepper, cinamon and vanilla pods, lemon gras, nutmegs, ginger, coffee, cacao, cardamom and tropical fruit like lemons, oranges, banana, mango, papaya, ananas, passion fruit, coconut, lychees and many vegetables like potatoes, onion, carottes, aubergines,zucchini, okra, paprika and tomatoes.
The tourism is getting more and more significance.

The national language is Kisuaheli. Children are taught English at school. With the natives we talk in English.